Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, readers! I hope this blog finds you with family and friends this holiday weekend, and, if you are in the Midwest, enjoying your spring without snow. I’m writing to you from my friend’s house in Minneapolis, where I was graciously taken in, instead of being one of the few left on campus. This short week leaves me with few events to report, but reportable nonetheless.
    This week started out with a slow-moving Rachel from all the weekend Symphony activities. From our many rehearsals, concerts and travel, my Monday 8 AM class came much too early, but a few naps and cups of coffee helped me through. With no tests or quizzes this week, the homework load was back up to it’s norm, with copious amounts of reading from “Giants in the Earth” for Paideia, “The Knights of the Round Table” for French, and many articles for Interpersonal Communications. A surprise, intense blizzard on Tuesday provided me with no outside distractions (literally), which helped me complete all my homework. Even though the snow from the weekend had melted, Mother Nature decided to throw another curve ball. I think it hailed, snowed and rained all at the same time! The snow didn’t slow registration this week, though. Through much coordination and shifting, my schedule is finally in place for next year. I will be taking French 344, Intro to Mass Media and Music Theory, along with piano lessons and Pilates (the last portion of the physical education requirements at Luther). I don’t have any class before 9:00 in the morning next semester, a dream schedule for any student!
    In the Tuesday morning blizzard, I found myself trudging through the slush to donate blood. A sorority on campus organized a drive, and I signed up for the first slot of the day a few weeks before. The worst part of donating blood to me is the prick on the finger to test your iron levels. Being a musician, I wish they didn’t have to do it, but thankfully it felt better by the time I had to perform at piano seminar that afternoon. I performed better than last time, though my teacher and I both feel that I could do even better. If there is time at the end of the semester (I still have two more pieces to pass), I will perform it again, hopefully up to my standards.
    Monday’s Symphony rehearsal brought Weston Noble, the legendary, retired Nordic Choir conductor for more than 50 years to visit us. Before we tuned, he spoke a few words about our performances the weekend before. He could barely release a few compliments before he became speechless, and almost cried. He was very proud of our passionate performances, and complimented Dr. Baldwin on his ability to sculpt us into such a wonderful group. It was definitely a moment I will remember from this year. To have somebody like Weston Noble, who is the embodiment of all that Luther represents, compliment us in such a way was truly special.
    On that note, I will leave you to your Easter weekend! Until next week...

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