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Summer Work & Life Plans

Summer Work & Life Plans

April 18, 2011

Hey guys! I just realized that I forgot to blog last week. This seems to happen to me almost every week. You think I would get into a routine but something about updating Thursday nights just does not click in my head. Not too much has been happening lately. I had a few tests last week and one this week so life hasn’t been too busy/difficult.

This summer I got offered a job at the hospital that I work at when I go home for breaks. So it is nice to have at least one job. I have a phone interview this week for an internship at Thrivent Financial for this summer. As far as other things go I did not get accepted to the Malta Program, which was a bummer at first, but now I have been looking into other options and I think I have found something that I will really like. Luther is involved with a program called the Lutheran College Washington Semester which allows students at Luther to go to Washington D.C. for a semester. While there, I would be able to participate in an internship 4 days a week and get to travel around to all of the different things to see in DC. It is not official yet, but I am in the works of applying and getting everything approved. I think that it would be really sweet to be in DC for a semester. I have been twice and it was a really cool city to be in. I am crossing my fingers that it works out!

Break starts for me on Wednesday, which is going to be really nice. I can’t wait to go home and see my family and sleep for hours. It will be a nice final break before the last push to finals week. I am definitely going to be stressing out because I will have 4 finals very close to each other.

It’s time for class which means that I have to end this short update, however I will update from home this week! Take it easy, Mario

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