Spring Happenings

The dreaded week after spring break is completed and it wasn’t nearly as horrible as predicted. I was expecting a harsh adjustment from sleeping in to an 8 AM Paideia class, a fast week of couch time to a slow week full of drudgery and possibly even sunshine switched to cold and rain. I should never be so pessimistic again, because this week was wonderful!
    This week’s homework brought the start of our religion final research paper, a seven week process resulting in no final written test, but a 7-10 page research paper on our topic of choice. Sounds like the Paideia paper all over again... French is chugging right along in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, where we are half way through the first book in the series. Our first paper was due this week. The topic you ask? Whether the Sorting Hat portrays Slytherin’s trait of ambition in a positive or negative light. Not only have I never written a paper about Harry Potter before, but writing it in French was extremely entertaining.  I got my Paideia research paper back, and was pleasantly surprised by the grade, so the editing for that paper has severely diminished. Last, but not least, Communications is starting a new group project where we will have to teach the class a portion of our reading. We also got the final paper assignment in that class as well... Spring semester is getting progressively busier.
    On the social front, there was a Free Student Movie Night at the Viking Theatre downtown. About once a month on a Thursday night, Luther students have the choice of three movies for free with your Luther I.D. My friends and I chose to see “The Adjustment Bureau,” a sold-out hit that I want to see again. It’s great to get out and escape from school for awhile, especially when it’s free! Saturday night brought a performance of, “The Church Basement Ladies: A Second Helping,” a play written by a ’73 Luther graduate. The show entails three Lutheran “church basement ladies,” the elderly widows and grandmothers who run the kitchen, and make those yummy hot dishes and jello salads that are so stereotypical “Luther’n.” Full of side-splitting laughter and spunky, opinionated women, the show makes me want to see the other two in the series. It makes me proud that a Luther grad produced something so witty and endearing.
    Something even more popular than these shows, however, has been the weather. This weekend was the first truly beautiful weekend of sunshine since... Well, I don’t even remember. I know I’ve commented on the weather before, but it’s still amazing to me how it can go from so bitterly freezing to sunshine and blue skies. People were seen all over campus enjoying the true spring that has finally arrived. It’s looking like the spring is going to be busy but beautiful.

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