Spring Break

I’m writing to you from the Minneapolis Airport, readers, where I have approximately 5 hours until the Luther shuttle arrives to escort me back to campus. It’s been a wonderful vacation, with a little less productivity than desired, but that’s the point of a break, right?

    While at home, the most productive thing I did was secure a summer job, an essential to any college student as far as I’m concerned. It’s absolutely necessary to have spending money for different expenses, and if you have to buy your own books like me, then you know you need a chunk of change. I will be working at Orondo Cider Works, a roadside establishment whose signatures are homemade cider, doughnuts and ice cream and even cider slushies. I’m looking forward to this job because it will be the first job (besides this blogging gig, I suppose) that I won’t be bored out of my mind. Other summer jobs have included working in the cherry orchard and shed, and being a maid. Although it’s about a 30-mile commute one way, a full time job in the summer will still be worth it!

    Here comes the warning to any prospective student looking to go to school far away from home (meaning you have to get there by plane). Make sure to (double, and probably even triple) check AM and PM times on your flights. The last Saturday of break, my last day at home, my parents and I had planned a few fun things to do around town. Just before we left, we decided to check and make sure all my flight information was lined up. My itinerary was supposed to be an early morning Sunday flight from my hometown to Seattle, where I would then immediately catch a plane to Minneapolis. Well, the supposed 5:40 AM flight on Sunday was actually at 5:40 PM, which of course would not get me to SeaTac by 7:05 AM! Through many calls to airlines and Priceline.com, it was concluded that no early morning flight would get me to Seattle by 7:05 AM. Therefore, we needed to drive to Seattle (a three hour sojourn) so that I could be to the airport at the necessary 5 AM. With an afternoon spent packing and driving rather than hanging out, my parents and I arrived in Seattle with enough time to grab dinner and relax at the hotel. This is the one (and hopefully only) time that heading back to Luther has been a hassle. I have no regrets, but just beware, future students.

    Before this little mishap, other things on my light spring break agenda included a stop at Pacific Lutheran University, where many of my friends attend school. Unfortunately, their spring break is two weeks later, but getting to see them for a day was still worth it. Another one of my friends was home, though, and we did the necessary girly things; pedicures and a movie. “Beastly” was entertaining, but it left us confused and awkwardly laughing in some parts. I also attended my church where there was a newly purchased, gorgeous, 7’ grand piano, which I put to good use. This week, I got the rare chance to visit both my mom and dad’s elementary classrooms, and I’ve determined that first and fifth graders are rather entertaining, especially with questions like, “Do you have to wear a wig when you play Beethoven?” The in between time was either spent sleeping, drinking coffee with friends or couching it with my dogs. Like I said, not entirely productive, but a break nonetheless. Thanks for helping me pass some time at the airport, I’m that much closer to Luther!

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