Spring Break and Money

Greetings from spring break!

Over break I went back to my hometown Mahtomedi, Minnesota. It’s a small suburb in the northern part of the Twin Cities. There is not much to do in Mahtomedi, but the rest of the city provides enough entertainment. Unfortunately, none of my friends from high school have the same spring break as I so it has been pretty low-key. I have been spending lots of time working. In fact, I have worked everyday that I have been home for break and I have work today and tomorrow (the last day of break). I figured why not work, because I have nothing else today. I work at a local hospital in the kitchen. So I am pretty much responsible for delivering trays, picking them up, and then cleaning them. Over the week of spring break I will have clocked in 61 hours of work. It’s been a lot of work and most of my shifts start before 7am but I won’t be complaining once I get my paycheck. I am kind of short for spare change right now so working over break has helped me out a ton.

I didn’t realize how much of a difference going to college was going to make on my bank account (other than tuition). For me I found and still find myself spending money on pointless things that I don’t need. I frequent Wal-mart way more than necessary and slowly watch my bank account drain itself. My biggest piece of advice that I could give any of you seniors is to save up as much as you can. I don’t have a job (other than work study which goes straight to my tuition) to bring in the spending money like I used to. So breaks are my opportunity to earn some extra cash so I can breath a little bit while I am at school.

Other than that Break has been good. It has been nice to catch up with my family and hang out around the house. The weather has been pretty on and off. It was nice for a couple of days. Then it started raining, which followed by snow. It was so weird because the weather in Decorah was nicer than it is at home. I am definitely ready to go back and finish up the second half of the semester strong. I hope everyone is having a great spring!

Take it easy, Mario

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