A Little Sunshine

It’s a beautiful spring day here at Luther on the brink of spring break. People have been spotted playing Frisbee, going on runs and even the benches have been replaced around campus for soaking up some long-awaited Vitamin D. It’s amazing how sunshine affects everyone’s mood.
    This change in forecast has helped everyone through midterms, including myself. My religion test was aced and my French test is tomorrow, though the Paideia exam will loom until after break. For Paideia this semester, we have read Satrapi’s Persepolis, Socrate’s Apology and Allegory of the Cave, and Ibsen’s Enemy of the People. All these are fair game for an eternity of analyzing on our midterm exam. My favorite is by far The Enemy of the People by Ibsen, a Norwegian realist playwright. His play was easy to read but still full of deep underlying lessons, with a drunk character thrown in for comic relief. The looming due date for our first draft of the Paideia research paper passed last Friday. Afterward, there was either boisterous celebration, or sleeping from hard work and sleep deprivation. The next step is a conference with our professor before we turn in a second draft in April. Until that conference, the paper is off my radar. I’ve got other fish to fry, for now.
    Despite the sunshine, hitting the half way mark of the semester is making me nervous for learning all the music necessary to put forth good performances in both piano and cello. I must learn three piano pieces each semester. As of now, "Romance" by Liszt is in the process of memorization, the Beethoven "Rondo in C Major" is almost performance ready and the last is, frankly, about 50% of the way there... I’m finding Gershwin’s first Prelude to be the most technically challenging piece I’ve ever played, so it’s a slow learning process. Thankfully, I have a piano to play while I’m home for spring break, so no time will be lost there. However, cellos aren’t exactly pocket-sized, so a whole week will be lost for Symphony music. Speaking of Symphony, the Stephen Paulus piece commissioned for Luther’s Sesquicentennial Celebration has finally arrived! We will begin learning it tomorrow and perform it the weekend of April 16th with the Nordic Choir. This will definitely be a quick turn-around for learning a piece, but Dr. Baldwin has assured us that we will perform beautifully, and with a lot of hard work, I’m sure we will too.
    By the time of the Sesquicentennial Celebration, I hope all the snow has melted. Is this wishful thinking for the Midwest? I’m still a newby to this long winter business, remember. Oh well, either way in about two days I will be on a plane headed home to friends, family, dogs and maybe a few summer job interviews thrown in. See you in the sunshine, readers!

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