I think I can, I think I can...

Life is chugging right along here in Luther land as we approach spring break. Alright, it’s three weeks away, but who doesn’t need a little break? Most of this desire is due to being a freshman in Paideia, where my comrades and I have embarked on our research paper.... Dun dun dun. This paper is the main focus for second semester, involving 8-10 pages on a narrowed topic from our class’s individual theme. My class has the pleasure of exploring Ancient Rome involving Caesar, conspiracy and colosseums, juicy stuff. My narrowed topic is actually Roman theaters, including their design and how they influenced a citizen’s everyday life. This topic has proved to be interesting so far, and hopefully it will keep my attention until that relieving due date. Communications and French are competing for top class right now, though that’s no surprise considering those are my interests. New Testament Studies is getting more in-depth, comparing gospels, points-of-views and parables. All in all proving to be another worthwhile semester.

    In other news, LCSO had our Vienna Homecoming Concert that went splendidly. Finishing the music was a little melancholy because Gershwin’s grooves and Vaughn Williams’ passion have been a large part of my time here at Luther. Out with the old and in with the new, though, as we start some difficult music. Back to the practice room to learn the notes, and the same goes for my piano solos as well.

    Through all this, I’ve found time to make a few trips downtown. During the short spring spell last week, my friends and I enjoyed some coffee and attempts at studying down at the Magpie Coffeehouse (the best latte in Decorah, in my expert opinion). Then a stop at Kephart’s to find my piano sheet music was necessary. I don’t know how the manager did it, but he miraculously found the Beethoven Rondo I’m learning out of an infinite stack of Beethoven repertoire. Quite a feat, if you ask me. I’ve also reunited with my canoe group from our Immersion Trip over Mexican food at Don Jose’s Restaurant, also a staple in downtown Decorah.  As you can tell, I’m enjoying Norse Nation just as much, probably more, than last semester. Everybody still needs a spring break though, so I just keep chugging...

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