Spring is here!

Hey All! What a great week it has been. On Sunday the temperature hit about 50 degrees and it was really nice out. I broke out the shorts and sandals and have been wearing them all week. People have been calling me crazy but the weather is so nice. The library lawn is almost free of snow which means that people will be lounging all over it soon enough. One of my favorite parts of spring here at Luther is seeing everyone outside doing different things. It is getting me really excited for summer.

I applied for about five or six summer jobs so hopefully I hear back about at least one of them. I have decided that my plan for the summer is to work a ton and hopefully make enough money to be pretty comfortable for a decent amount of time. My friends from home are going to be all over the country so I figure this would be a good time to focus on work and get some spending money for my time in Malta (HOPEFULLY).

I finished my application this week. It felt really good to get it done a week or so early. So I can stop stressing out about it until the interview happens in March. This upcoming week I have four tests, which means a test in each class. I had a feeling that this was going to happen so I started studying for two of them this week. I feel like I am going to have some late nights next week so I better catch up on sleep this weekend. But it is my roommate's birthday this weekend so we have to celebrate that too. It should be a good time. Overall my classes are going well and I really enjoy them. I am taking three business type courses and I can really see how they can relate to real life situations that I might experience. Real life is approaching quicker than I thought it would. Hope everyone is enjoying the nice spring weather (if you are experiencing it)

Later, Mario

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