Malta and the Process

Hello! This week has been pretty exhausting. I thought I would have a break from doing homework every night because I was going to try to get ahead in all my classes. Keyword: try. I am in a pretty odd situation in my Tuesday/Thursday class because my professor thinks since we only have the opportunity to meet two days a week that we should have our homework assignments due on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s. So this means, after class I have to head back to my dorm and start working on the homework assignment that same evening. This also leads to having homework in all four of my classes in the same night, which leads to quite the amount to do every night.

On top of all my homework I am trying to figure out all of my study abroad paperwork, which is a pretty intense process. The deadline is March 1st for all applications so I am trying to at least get my application in a week before it is due. The application process involves meeting with various people around campus and writing an essay about your self. I made a checklist on my computer of all the people and things I need to fill out. So to give you a better idea of what I have to do, I’m going to write it all down.

-3 Recommendations (1 from Professor, 1 from Advisor, 1 from Work Supervisor)

-Meeting with Office of Financial Services

-Meeting with Advisor to make sure I can graduate on time if I study abroad

-Meeting with Department Head of my major

-Meeting with study abroad office

-Essay about myself

-Additional readings and homework about studying abroad

Right now I have about 3 of these things done on my checklist, so I am freaking out a bit. It’s a busy time of the year so trying to set up meeting times with all these different people is quite the process in itself. This is all just for one program too, so if I don’t get accepted into the Malta program there is a chance that I need to do this again to get accepted into a different semester program. I’ll try to keep everyone updated about this process and how it’s going. I just hope I get into the Malta program because I have only heard good things about it.

Have a great weekend! Mario

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