Second Semester Happenings

The Vienna daze has left and it’s back to reality. I’m in the second week of classes and all is well. I still look back on my Vienna experiences often, but second semester work is here and calling my name, so it’s time to move forward.
    LCSO started rehearsing again this week after the safe return of our cellos and basses. We started on all our spring projects, including a work commissioned for Luther’s sesquicentennial celebration, Haydn’s “Nelson Mass” and Debussy’s “L’apres-midi d’un faune.” LCSO has left Vienna, but that doesn’t mean this spring isn’t filled with any less excitement. Not only will we be performing on campus for the 150th anniversary and the Nobel Peace Prize Forum, but in Minnesota’s Orchestra Hall as well. I’m getting a little ahead of myself though, seeing as we have our homecoming concert this weekend. I invite you all to the CFL this Sunday night at 7:00, but if you can’t join us, feel free to listen to a live stream on
    My coursework this semester includes Paideia (yeah, you heard it, a whole year of Paideia), Intro to the New Testament, Intro to Interpersonal Communications and French 202. My nerdiness is overflowing in my communications class, my major in mind, applying what I learn daily with what I see outside the classroom. Our studies include a very interesting analysis on everyday interactions that I never put that much thought into before. French is fantastique (astounding French skills, I know) with “Harry Potter a l’ecole des sorciers” on the agenda. My New Testament class should be fun because I’m recalling the stories I learned all through Sunday School, including loaves and fishes and whatnot. With piano lessons and my Honors discussion course, that’s a whopping 18 credits. As you can tell from my genre of classes though, my homework includes a large chunk of reading, with a tad of writing thrown in, both things I enjoy and haven’t found to be a chore. Yet. Knock on wood.
    Getting back to the grind, as they say, has been a much easier transition than I imagined. It’s comforting to come back to routine, dorm life and classes. There’s actually a communications theory about this feeling... Anyway, despite my contentedness in the present, I’m still looking forward to spring break. Admittedly, that’s partly because I’ll be going home where it’s not -20 degrees, always a plus in my book.

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