Busy Weekend

Hello All!

What a busy past week it has been. Classes begun for 2nd semester and they seem pretty good so far. I enjoy all of my professors and none of the course work seems too difficult to manage. This semester I am taking Accounting, Economic Stats, Principles of Management, and Introduction to Biblical Studies. It should be an interesting semester and I have to learn how to manage my time again because J-term was pretty chill and laid back.

I have officially decided to apply for the Malta semester program that Luther offers. If I get accepted I will be leaving for Malta next spring around this time. It is pretty exciting news --  I hope I get in. I think it would be cool to study in Malta and I have only heard great things about other students’ experiences while traveling and studying abroad. If I go to Malta, I think I might try to stay an extra couple of weeks so I could travel around to different countries. It’s just a thought but I think it would be a very exciting and life-changing experience.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to work at a Winter camp outdoors at the camp I worked at this previous summer. I left after my 1:30 class on Friday and drove 5 hours north to Wisconsin in order to meet the campers for the weekend. We spent a lot of time outdoors and it was pretty chilly. We went snowshoeing, hiking, and played broomball. It was an interesting weekend and I definitely have some bruises from all the times that I fell on the ice. I just got back to Luther 30 minutes ago and now I realize that I have so much to do that I got behind on this weekend. I hope I can fit it all in and have time to watch the Super Bowl.

Take it easy all Mario

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