2nd Semester Awaits

Hey Everyone! I can’t believe J-term is already over. It seems like it flew by. The course that I took was very interesting and I learned a lot about different countries and their political systems. It gave me a bit of a different perspective on different countries around the world.

I am at home right now for J-Break! It is pretty nice to be here because I get to relax for a couple days before a challenging semester starts up. I am pretty nervous for my classes this time around. I have some courses that will challenge me and I am ready to put the work in that I have to in order to get a good grade. I am taking an accounting course, economic stats, principles of management, and intro to the bible (we have to take a religion course to satisfy Luther’s general education requirements) so I will pretty much be living in Olin (the math, business, econ building) this semester. I guess I can’t complain with that since I am a business major.

I am currently trying to apply for internships for this summer but I am having no luck. I have interviewed for three different positions and each time they say that the company generally hires juniors that way they can hire them directly after their senior year. They all say that I am very qualified candidate and that I should try again next year, but it is pretty frustrating because I want to do an internship this summer AND next summer. So as of now I don’t know what my plans for summer are. However, my parents just got home from a cruise and now my dad is hooked on the idea of me working on a cruise ship for the summer. I mean that would be fun and very interesting I just don’t know how I’d go about finding and getting a job on a cruise ship. I’ll have to look into it.

I hope everyone’s college search is going well. Thinking back on it, around this time during my senior year I knew I was going to Luther (pretty early right?) but I am still happy with my decision.

Time to go shovel the driveway because we got a TON of snow last night!

Take it easy, Mario

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