Greetings from J-term!

Hey All!

I am here at Luther this month for January Term (where we take one class every day for a month). I am taking a course called Global Political Analysis, which is pretty interesting so far. We evaluate the different political systems in different countries. We read about a chapter a day (about 50 pgs) and learn about a different country every day. It has been a pretty relaxed course load so far but I think it might get a little harder as we get farther into j-term.

The nice thing about J-term is that, it is a really nice time to relax and catch up on things that you weren’t able to do during the semester. I am currently working on more internship applications and trying to set something up for summer. Hopefully I can find something. Luther students also have the opportunity to study abroad during J-term for a month, which is nice if you’re not entirely sure that you want to be out of the country for an entire semester. It is also nice if you play sports or are involved in music and you don’t want to miss out on that. Right now I have friends in Ireland, The Bahamas, Nicaragua, Brazil, and Jamaica. I have been emailing a few of them and they are having a blast so far. I am looking into going on a trip next year but I still can’t decide if I want to be gone for a semester or a month. Both are a big commitment, and it is definitely something I need to figure out during January. Other than that I am having a blast hanging out with my friends. Tennis practice starts in a week or so and I have not played in awhile so I should probably get on that. Keep it easy, Mario

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