Christmas Break and Other Shenanigans


Since I last wrote, I have been on vacation for exactly 3 weeks, and it couldn’t have been more relaxing. Pre-Christmas days included preparing for my family’s annual progressive dinner held on Christmas Eve. My house was hosting main course this year, and we had to prepare dinner for 25 people! The menu included homemade salmon chowder with breadsticks and asparagus. That’s only one course of four, mind you. I’m always surprised how I’m more full on Christmas Eve than on Thanksgiving!
    Christmas weekend was more time well-spent with family. For Christmas, I was blessed with a new digital camera (there was no way I was going to Vienna without a camera!), and a gorgeous watercolor painting from my cousin. Post-Christmas included a trip to Seattle (I live in Washington, remember? Not too far of a trip, really) to see the Harry Potter Exhibit. My family was able to see reconstructed sets from the movie, costumes, (my favorite being Hermione’s Yule Ball dress) and the wands from the main characters. The workers at the exhibit even had English accents, however forced they might have been.
    Those are the highlights of my break, and the moments in between allowed for an insane amount of coffee with friends (Caribou Coffee is just not the same as Starbucks, though most of my Luther friends would disagree!), movie-watching and clocking some serious couch time with my dogs. I returned to Luther on Sunday, catching the shuttle from the Minneapolis airport, such a convenience. I am now back at school without actually having to go to school... It just seems wrong. Everybody else has backpacks filled with books and homework to complete. That’s ok, I’ll trade in my backpack for a suitcase any day.

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