I Survived!

Hey Guys! Sorry again for the lack of updates, finals killed me this semester. I was pretty busy studying for all of them because they had a pretty significant impact on my grades. I spent multiple hours studying for my chemistry final…it was hard. But I am now done with my lab requirement and science course requirement to graduate!

I got home on Thursday evening and it has been pretty relaxing so far. I got to see some of my friends and just hang out. I still have not had a home cooked meal yet but I know it’s on its way. I still can’t believe that this semester is over. It completely flew by. I can’t even imagine what the spring semester is going to feel like. But I have to get through J-term first. (For those of you that don’t know Luther has a January Term where students can study abroad, do internships, or take classes at Luther). I am taking a politics class and it should be pretty interesting and relaxing, even if it is at 8am. It should be a nice time to relax spend some time outdoors and just hang out with my friends. But Tennis also starts during J-term so I will be going back to the daily grind of having practice everyday. That should be fun I kind of miss not playing every day like I did during the fall.

Over break I don’t plan on doing much. I am working at my job back at home and just visiting with people. It will be a short two and a half weeks but I will be glad to head back to Luther by then. I really want to go snowboarding over break and J-term. I have not been since last year and my friends and I always talked about driving up to LaCrosse because they have student nights with really cheap prices on Mondays during January. I think it would be fun if I actually got to do this. Plus it would be nice to just get off campus for a bit. I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday break. I know I will. I look forward to updating you all about my j-term experiences.

Happy Holidays! Mario

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