Is it Over? Or Just Beginning?

I’m officially done with my first semester of college. This statement hardly seems accurate, but there it is. I had Paideia and French finals back-to-back on Monday, my last CAF shift on Tuesday and my Calculus test on Wednesday and now I’m waiting in the airport after traveling all day.
    Do you remember last week when I mentioned “Dead Week?” Finals week is so much easier than Dead Week. With no classes and a few finals, your free time is spent in review of course materials, but I’m a firm believer that if you’ve done the work over the semester and have a fair teacher, all you need is more review and less study. I’ve also taught myself to be a confident test taker, which was no easy task. I force myself to think positive things and take my time to avoid those “blonde moments.” Overall, I’m happy with my academics for the semester and am ever so slightly reluctant to return. I’m sure this is simply from the long day of traveling I’ve had, but Luther has definitely grown on me, and I’m sure I’ll be torn between my two homes when I have to return.
    Of course, even though my academics were done by noon on Wednesday, there were still many things that my roommates and I had to do to leave campus. A large checklist of things included defrosting the fridge, taking down window decorations unplugging power strips and just general clean-up. On top of all this, I had to pack my bag with Christmas presents and vacation necessities while not exceed the 50 pound weight limit or forgetting anything. Lucky for me, it weighed in at 49 pounds!
    And so the countdown to Vienna has begun: Three weeks from today, LCSO will be in Salzburg touring, and then ending the night in Vienna. Before we left campus, the cello and bass sections wrapped our instruments in bubble wrap and foam, and velcro-strapped them into large crates to be shipped. All of us were joking that it was like sending your child off to Kindergarten because there is such a strong bond built between you and your instrument. Here’s hoping they all get there safely!
    The semester has ended, but break is just beginning. My only tasks are to read "The Viennese" (the required J-Term book we must read before the trip), hang out with friends and family eat wonderful Christmas food and possibly learn some German... We will have to see about the German... Here’s hoping the beginning of your holiday break finds you ready for some much deserved relaxation time.

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