This week is supposed to be Dead Week, but that has definitely turned out to be lie. After the Christmas at Luther hubbub, it was back to work. I had to prepare for a series of tests on Wednesday: A Paideia common quiz, Calculus test and a French oral exam. Like I said, when they say, “Dead Week,” they mean, “Just as Much Work But More Stress Week.”
    It was slightly depressing, though relieving, to not have symphony rehearsal on Monday. However, that just meant more study time. Thursday was our last symphony rehearsal before Vienna, which is completely mind-boggling. I’m going to go through music withdrawals without a whole month of symphony! It’s still surreal that so many opportunities lie ahead, but there is so much preparation to reach them. The cello and bass sections will have a “packing party” to put our instruments in crates to be shipped and we have our last informational meeting this evening, where I’m sure we will be bombarded with details of traveling, packing and general preparation tasks. The fact that my first trip to Europe will be with a beloved group of musicians makes all this preparation no chore at all.
    I’ve also had a sort of revelation this week in preparation for next semester. As I previously wrote, I thought I would be continuing with Calculus II next semester, but I’m realizing that French is becoming more of a strength than I thought. And, if I enjoy my Communications course, why not be a Communications major with a French minor? So, I’m taking French instead of math now, and am feeling very content with the decision. I’m taking the liberal arts education to heart and trying out all my options. Who knows if I will actually be a Communications major, but why not continue with something that I enjoy? It just proves that you don’t have to know your future right now. The liberal arts education at Luther is meant to help you make those hard decisions.
    With that, I’m starting off my weekend before finals with a class party at my French teacher’s house, then piano juries (performing for the faculty as part of my private lesson grade), my roommate’s birthday (Happy Birthday Alex!) a Brandt 4 West Floor Christmas Party and still devote a decent chunk of time to more studying. So long, I have to go prepare for next week!

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