I’m back in Decorah after a much needed break in Minneapolis (though I’m learning that Minneapolis actually includes about 1,000 little suburbs which are mighty confusing) with my friend for Thanksgiving. Washington was a just a tad too far to travel for a few days time, and I was thankful that I didn’t have to spend my break alone at school all by myself. Instead, I was adopted short-term by my friend’s family.
    Our break included a whole day of lounging around catching up on TV and another whole day of shopping. At the Mall of America. On Black Friday. It was a little frightening, but well worth the hectic parking lot. I got a few things for myself, but also got a jumpstart on my Christmas gifts. I was careful not to buy anything that would be too bulky to make the trip back to Wenatchee in a few short weeks!
    Not that it’s hard to find at Luther, but my friend also has a Norwegian-Lutheran family like my own, so some time was dedicated to making Krumkake and eating Lefse. If you’re not fortunate enough to know what these delicious Norwegian desserts are, google them! They’re amazing! Thanksgiving Day was a traditional feast of turkey, stuffing, crescents, etc, topped off with pumpkin pie. Everybody enjoyed a triptophan-enduced afternoon nap!
    We enjoyed some great movies over the holiday weekend as well. Tangled, the cartoon about Rapunzel, was well worth seeing in the theatre because the animation never ceases to amaze me. Burlesque was also extremely entertaining, despite Cher’s lack of facial expression due to plastic surgery, but Christina Aguilera’s explosive voice makes up for Cher’s acting.
    We survived the Minnesota snow storm, and came back to a serious lack of snow on campus! I’m hoping for enough snow to make Christmas at Luther festive, but not so much that it makes it unsafe for my family (and everyone else) traveling to see the show.
    All in all, a very relaxing break that will helpfully force me into a productive 2 1/2 weeks to make it through finals. Though this is a short blog this week, it should not be taken as a sign that my break was not relaxing and fun, it’s simply because a Paideia Paper rain cloud is hovering above my head, and I really would like it to go away! Until next week...

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