Black Friday, Turkey and Work...What more could I ask for?

Hey Everyone, Sorry for forgetting to update during break, I was pretty busy and never around too much to actually sit down and write something. Break was nice, but it seemed to fly by. My break consisted of working every day, I clocked in about 35 hours in 4 days…it was kind of rough (Nothing says Happy Thanksgiving any better than waking up at 6 to head to work). But I wont be complaining once I get my paycheck!

It was also nice to see my friends and spend some time with my family. I don’t know if I have mentioned this earlier but my brother goes to Medical School in Cuba so when it comes time for holidays it’s just me, and my parents (unless we go see my grandparents) because he does not get the opportunity to come home. It is a little lonely, but my parents try to make it special. My mom cooked not one, but two turkey dinners during break and she also made her amazing chili. It was so nice to have actual home cooked food. Don’t get me wrong the caf has pretty good food, but after awhile you just want to change it up and eat a nice dinner with your family.

I did have an interesting experience with black Friday shopping though. My friends and I had this genius idea to go shopping at about 11 o clock, Thursday evening so we looked up online which stores were going to be open the earliest and we headed out. When we got the stores, there were lines of a bunch of people waiting outside so we decided to join them. After the doors opened the mass of people just flooded in and it was crazy. People were grabbing clothes left and right because there was a sale for 40 percent off of everything (not a bad deal). I unfortunately never shop at this store so I did not do much shopping myself, but I did offer to hold things for my friends that were making a ton of purchases.

Other than that, my birthday is coming up and I have to give my parents an idea of what I would like. I normally just do money, but I think I might change it up this year. I am not sure, I’ll have to check out some stuff online and see if there is anything I would like.

Class was a bit rough this morning because I am not used to waking up so early, I am going to head back to bed. Hope everyone has a great Monday and I will update later this week Until Next Time, Mario

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