This week there has been so much talk of the future, both immediate and long-term. The Symphony performed splendidly on Sunday with our Vienna program (Mendelssohn, Copland, Vaughn Williams and Gershwin). We’ve improved so much from our last concert, even Dr. Baldwin commented that we achieved the level he expected of us. The whole symphony seems to be walking a bit taller, so to speak, and with an air of, “Dang, we’re good.” We started in on Christmas at Luther music the next day, there’s no rest for the symphony! I was pleasantly surprised to find that I have played a few of these pieces before, and they are some of my Christmas favorites (not that most Christmas music isn’t my favorite). Even though I’ve heard scary things about the intensity of Christmas at Luther week, I think the enthusiasm of all the choirs plus the symphony can only make for a wonderful time, even with the time commitment. Starting the Sunday of Thanksgiving break, we have a 3-hour rehearsal every night, and then the performances start on Thursday. Also adding to the intensity is the fact that we will be performing for a total of 10,000 people. This is the largest audience I will have ever performed for and I consider it a privilege to share music with that many people.
    My next semester schedule is already planned out and I can’t help but think even further into the future with what classes I want to take. It’s so addicting to sit with the Luther College Catalog and marvel at all the opportunities. The beauty of the liberal arts college is that I will be able to dabble outside my major (whatever that ends up being), but sometimes I feel like I’ll never be able to pick something. I thankfully registered for all the classes I wanted: Paideia, Intro to Mass Media, Intro to the New Testament, Calculus II, Honors Discussion, tennis skills and piano lessons, for a total of 19 credits! Whoa! Symphony will, of course, be in my schedule but not for any credit. I might be a little overwhelmed, but I’m interested in all these classes, so I don’t feel like homework will be as much of a chore, but definitely a large chunk of time. All I can do is try!
    Thanksgiving break is approaching quickly (thank goodness), and though I won’t be going home, I will be heading to Minneapolis with one of my floor mates. We have big plans to shop at the Mall of America on Black Friday! Don’t worry, I will be sure not to be trampled by intense shoppers. I think it will be a wonderful break from school, and even though I won’t see my family, they are coming the next week for the Christmas at Luther concert. In the bigger picture, the countdown goes like this: Thanksgiving break, then Christmas at Luther, then Finals, then Christmas break, then the Vienna Residency, and then my second semester of college already. The future is waiting!

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