Well, I’m writing this blog entry as I cough and sneeze still. This sickness has decided to hang on another week, despite my constant ritual of medicine to force it out. Fortunately, I have only missed one class, though I have been attending class not feeling 100%. It’s more difficult to be sick in college than in your home, but through resting in my dorm room I’m slowly getting better. Because of this illness, my week has not been very blog-worthy, but I will do my best!
    My third Paideia paper was completed today and it’s still a wonderful feeling to turn in a piece that you have put so much effort into. Only one paper left this semester, such a crazy thought! We have moved on from Julius Caesar to Pinjar, an Indian cultural story about a young woman named Pooro. It’s much more captivating than I expected it to be and my class should have an interesting time discussing it. My other classes, French and Calculus, have kept trudging along, kind of like me this week.
    The orchestra is working double-time to prepare for our concert on Sunday. With rehearsals in the CFL and an extra dress rehearsal, we are all excited to premiere our Vienna program. The local Inspire(d) magazine will be running an article about the orchestra’s trip to Vienna, and I volunteered to be interviewed! The writer is a former Symphony Orchestra member who is now an intern for the magazine, so I’m sure it will be wonderful!
    As Vienna approaches, so does spring semester and registration. I’m hoping to take Introduction to the New Testament for a religion requirement, Introduction to Mass Media because that is an area I want to explore and Calculus II, which I’m sure will provide a challenge. Of course all these classes must go with my continuing of Paideia, piano lessons and symphony. Spring semester might prove to be a VERY busy one, but I’m up for the challenge. I will let you know next week how it works out and if this crummy sickness will finally be gone!

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