Halloween and Other Happenings

It’s that time of the week to fill you in on all my college happenings! This past weekend, Relient K came to little ol’ Decorah to provide entertainment to the college kids stranded in the country. It’s not exactly my favorite kind of music, but hanging out with friends, whatever the activity, is always exciting. Capping off the night with a Wal-Mart run (stranded college kids in the country, remember?), and the movie Moulin Rouge was a great start to Halloween weekend. The next day was spent at work and preparing for the Brandt Hall Murder Mystery Party! This is the first murder mystery party I’ve attended, so if you’re unfamiliar with the concept, it’s pretty much like a live game of Clue. The setting was a 1920’s club and a “murder” occurs while the guests are attending and it’s your job to find the killer before the night is over. With character descriptions, murder weapons, clues and evidence, it is quite the event! Halloween was rather normal, but seeing people dressed up in costume is always entertaining, whether it be Mario, Static Cling or a Unicorn. Later that evening, neighborhood kids could Trick-or-Treat through the dorms, and it makes me want to be a little kid again! They were so adorable, too! Somehow I completed all my homework in between all the weekend shenanigans, and managed to squeeze in a viewing of Disturbia, one of my favorite movies!
    Monday was back to the grindstone, though I commented earlier in the week that it was going to be an easy time because I wouldn’t have any tests. Well, I should have knocked on wood because I had a French test today. Oh well, such is college. Another Paideia paper draft is due Monday on Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. I’m hoping this paper will go as well as the last, seeing as I read Julius Caesar in high school, and I actually enjoy Shakespeare! It’s odd to think that I’m so close to the end of my first semester, which means Thanksgiving, Christmas at Luther and then Christmas break! Just gotta keep chugging along!
    This week in orchestra we are hastily preparing for our concert that is in less than two weeks. Our program is filled with Gershwin, Copland and Vaughn Williams pieces. These are all American pieces that we will be performing in Vienna because, as Dr. Baldwin says, “They hear enough Beethoven.” I’m thrilled to play in the CFL again, and the orchestra is really progressing from our last concert. If you’re in town November 14th, come enjoy some great American music!     My only downside to the week is catching whatever virus is floating around campus right now. With a headache and sore throat, classes are tough to get through, but the weekend is almost here, and hopefully next time I write I’ll be feeling up to snuff!



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