Chicago Trip!

Hey Guys! Sorry for the lack of updating, it’s been a pretty stressful past two weeks. Right now I am sitting in a random McDonalds stealing their wifi because the hotel that we are staying at for the National Business Conference charges us to use the Internet (can you tell I am a die hard blogger?)

I had to readjust my schedule to fit my lab in for missing classes on Thursday and Friday so my days were pretty long. It’s nice to get a break from class and Decorah, even if I am missing school. It is weird to see all of these people and cars though, it’s kind of nice to see that there is a world outside of Decorah too. We left this morning at 7am and drove 6 hours into Chicago. It was a long drive but the group that we are with is pretty cool, we all seem to get a long. After attending some speakers today we learned about how to raise money on campus for your club. It was really interesting and I can’t wait to hear the other speakers later on in the conference. We will be here until Saturday afternoon so there will be a lot of fun things to see in the city. For dinner we ate at this fancy hotel restaurant. I had pasta with chicken and alfredo sauce it was really tasty. The prices were pretty high though. Tomorrow we have a bright and early wake up call so I am going to get into bed pretty soon. I will try to do another update later on this weekend to keep you guys filled in. I hope everyone has a great start to the weekend. Mario

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