I’m writing to you from the not-so-comfortable seat next to Gate A42 in the Denver airport on my way back to Luther from a wonderful weekend in Washington. I know Denver is quite out of the way, but that’s the way of cheap flights, my friends! I’m so thankful I was able to spend a few precious days at home, away from school, where only your social engagements with dear friends are on the agenda.

The three-hour trek from Decorah to The Cities was accomplished Friday night thanks to friends and Pizza Ranch. I arrived home around noon on Saturday after a very early morning flight. First thing accomplished at home was a reunion with my dogs, Linus and Lucy, two of the sweetest, though dim-witted, Chihuahuas you will ever meet. No worries though, I had a whole three hour car ride with my parents from the airport, they were not overlooked. A lazy afternoon at home, followed by dinner at the best BBQ place I know was exactly what this weary student needed. Sunday morning church came, and the advantage of the time zone change was wonderful. Church doesn’t seem so early when waking up at 8:30 feels like 10:30! Another lazy Sunday spent with friends and family sounds boring, but that’s exactly what Fall Break is for.

On Monday and Tuesday I conquered the treacherous mountain pass to visit my friends at Pacific Lutheran University. Although the drive was long, seeing my friends was definitely worth it! A much needed hair cut was a priority upon my return, along with meeting my former piano teacher and youth group leader for coffee. My last evening was spent cramming everything back into my carryon. How is it that you always have more trouble closing the zipper coming back from a trip? Today, my last day of Fall Break will be spent traveling: Car, plane, different plane, bus, DORM! My reward upon return is sleeping in Thursday, seeing as I no longer have that pesky 8 AM Fitness and Wellness class. Aaaahhhhh........ I feel ready to tackle the last half of this semester and hit the road..... Or the runway.


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