Fall Break Update!

Hello All! Just thought I should do an update from home. It’s been a relaxing break here at home. I have spent majority of my time resting, working and spending time with my family (since none of my friends from high school are around). It was nice to get away from school for a while, but I am really looking forward to heading back home. I can only handle being away from Luther for so long. There is just something about Decorah that keeps calling my name...telling me to come back. People think I am crazy for actually liking the fact that I live in Iowa for majority of the year. But there is something about Luther that makes it feel like you’re not in Iowa. My friends and I find ways to have fun even if all there is in Iowa is “corn”, which is not true despite what people say.

The next couple of weeks are going to be very busy. I have tests, papers, meetings, and all sorts of other things to get done. Time sure is flying by and registration for classes for J-term and Spring Semester is coming up. I have to start thinking about what courses I need to take to fulfill major requirements and graduation requirements as well…all that I know is that I have to take a religion course this year to at least fulfill one of those requirements. In early November I am going to be attending the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization National Conference in Chicago. I am really looking forward to attending and networking with other business people across the nation. It should be very interesting and a lot of fun. Plus, it will be cool to spend some time in Chicago and try some great food.

Once I get back it’s going to be a pretty relaxing end of the week since we only have two days of classes and I no longer have a class on Tuesday and Thursday because my course was only 7 weeks long…so I only have to go to classes on Friday this week! Well it’s time to go hang out with the family. I’ll update later! Have a great rest of the week! Mario

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