October 15, 2010

With the prospect fall break hanging in the air, it’s been especially difficult to find that little spark of motivation. I’m actually going home for fall break, a present my parents sprung on me a few weeks ago. I wasn’t expecting to go home until Christmas, but this trip will be a much needed break from school. Seeing my family, friends and dogs will be a relaxing reunion, and not sharing a bathroom with 24 other girls will definitely be a highlight!
    I never realized until I got to college that there really is no escape from school. Because you eat, sleep and work around your academics 24/7, it’s difficult to stay focused. You might think, “If you’re around it all the time, how is it you’re not TOO focused?” Once you hit about the one-month mark though (at least for me), some motivation is lost because you are burnt out from the inescapable responsibility. My mindset this week is to push through two tests and a paper and I’m literally home free!
    The fact that Homecoming was this past weekend might have something to do with my lack of motivation. There are just so many activities to attend! Friday night included dinner with my buddies at Pizza Ranch because the CAF was closed for an Alumni dinner. If you are ever in Decorah, go to Pizza Ranch and get Cactus Bread. It’s a melt-in-your-mouth brown sugar dessert pizza with frosting. Oh. My. Goodness. Saturday’s homecoming parade through downtown was slightly anti-climactic since it was only 20 minutes long, but it built spirit nonetheless. I then trudged to the dish room where I was pleasantly surprised to be let off an hour early! I like to think of it as my Homecoming present. The dance that evening was one of the best I’ve attended, though my feet are still sore and recovering. Heels and the walk to the Regents’ Center do not mix well. Sunday, the day of all days, included my first performance with the Luther College Symphony Orchestra. We performed with gusto, and with the acoustics in the Center for Faith and Life (CFL), who doesn’t sound amazing? It gave me chills to think we would all be performing the same program plus much more repertoire in Vienna in three short months!
    I need to start packing for my trek back to the West coast, so have a good week all! Next time I write, I’ll be in Washington!

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