Career Planning

Hey All! What a crazy week it’s been…again. You all think I’m probably psychotic because all I do is talk about how busy I am. But this week I had 3 tests back to back on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. It was not fun at all. I spent every night studying for a good 4 hours for each test. I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend because I don’t have too much homework. It will be nice to catch up on sleep for once as well.

I have been thinking about my summer plans next year, which seems a bit early but I need to figure it out. I think I want to do an internship so I have been looking into the different opportunities that are offered here in Decorah, and in the Twin Cities (where I live when I’m not at Luther). So I stopped by the Career Center earlier this week and they gave me loads of information about how to find internships and how to prepare and submit a good cover letter and resume. They have so many resources on campus, which helps a lot when looking for a career in the future. Luther has a great network with its alumni as well. There is a huge list of alumni that work at different companies/corporations and are willing to talk with you about potential career opportunities. In addition to having all these alumni, Luther also brings in career fairs and different universities with Graduate/Professional programs to the college so the students can get more information about what to do after Luther. In addition, the Career Center also has an online database that has information about internships and jobs that are interviewing/hiring, which also is very helpful because it centralizes all of the information. I found all of this information extremely helpful and it once again affirms that Luther is the choice for me. I am confident that they will help me find an internship for next summer and help me find a career during my senior year. I can tell that the career center really cares about the students here, which gives me a sigh of relief. I can’t believe that I am planning my summer out already but the closer I get to being a senior the more experience/field work I want to have so I can hopefully get a job before I graduate.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Keep it easy and Happy Fall! Mario

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