Stress Levels

Everybody knows what an ‘emotional rollercoaster’ is, and it seems that my freshman year emotional rollercoaster at Luther College is determined by my Paideia papers. Any week that my fellow freshmen and I are crammed into the study lounge desperately waiting to hit the precious ‘print’ button is a crazy week. When a test in Calculus worth 17.5% of your grade is also that week, things come completely unglued. That was last week. This week, I have no tests and regular daily assignments, meaning much less work and quite the dip in stress level. I think I’m going to start saving energy now for Midterms......
    With all the stress of last week gone, I volunteered to donate blood when the American Red Cross came to campus for the day. Over 170 Luther students took the time to wait in line and be pricked a few times to help save people’s lives. I overheard from a nurse that when Wartburg College (Luther’s biggest rival) had a donation day, 70 students donated. Yet another reason Luther is superior! Although booking it across campus because I was late to orchestra rehearsal made me feel a little shaky, I felt satisfied that I made a difference that day.
    My roommates and I also volunteered to be student hosts and attended an informational meeting about it this week. A student host is a Luther freshman who takes in a prospective student for a day. At Luther I’ve already seen many prospective freshman on tours or visiting my classes and I can’t help but think, “I’m so glad that’s over.” It reminds me of being a senior last year with college applications, essays, scholarships, visits, decisions, etc. Even though I have different stresses now, I wouldn’t change anything. College wouldn’t be college without a little stress.
    I’m leaving you with a short blog this week because it’s so beautiful outside and what’s a better stress reliever than a Friday afternoon in the sunshine?

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