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Hello All! Sorry for the late post, I was at a tennis tournament in Cedar Rapids, IA for the weekend. We left Thursday night at 7 and came back Saturday night at around 5. I was exhausted after it because it was a lot of tennis in a short amount of time, but it was really fun. It seems like no matter who you are, or what your interests are, Luther always has something for students to do on or off campus whether it be a sporting event or shows around campus. I noticed this especially this year because my other job on campus is to work in the Student Activities Office. By having this job, I have the opportunity to hear about basically any event, activity, or organization that comes to campus. Part of my job is to help advertise the events on campus and there really are a lot of different things to attend. So far we’ve had bands, comedians, hypnotists, and much more. The student activities committee (SAC) works very hard and spends a lot of time trying to put on these different events for the students and the surrounding community. Which is nice, because when most people think about Decorah, Iowa their instant reaction is boring. Most people think there is nothing to do around campus as opposed to attending a larger university in a bigger city…but little do they know that there actually is a lot to do. It’s one of those things that you learn once you’ve experienced it for a while. At first, I didn’t know what to do as a freshman, but you figure it out and have fun with all your friends. On another note, this upcoming week is going to be pretty stressful for me it consists of: tests, tests, and more tests. I can’t wait to study for those… But I guess it is part of reality/college so I probably should just study hard and get the grade I want. I’m going to get going now, but I will update you guys earlier next week about what’s going on down here in good Ol’ Decorah. Have a great week! Mario

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