It is another week of firsts here at Luther, and variety is the name of the game. Before all the craziness of the week started brewing, last Friday night, Marty’s (the Luther Cafe with a freaky statue of Martin Luther at the entrance) hosted a Celtic band called Green Tea. Composed of a fiddle, keyboard, pan pipe, drums and guitar, they played a unique blend of lively music while my friends and I enjoyed free green tea. The next night, Luther played host to the Turtle Island String Quartet, teaming with the Luna Negra Dance Theatre for a spectacular show. At one point, the quartet improvised while the dancers improvised, resulting in an explosion of expression. There was also enough time that night to catch a movie at the Viking Theatre, Going the Distance with Justin Long and Drew Barrymore. Considering that my friends and I were the only group in the theatre, we joked through the whole movie, making it that much more enjoyable. The trip to Wal-Mart capped off my thoroughly random night. As if that wasn’t enough entertainment for the weekend, the Luther music faculty are presenting a concert series on Sunday afternoons. This week's feature was jazz pianist and professor Tom Bourcier, who provided a program of effortless entertainment. My favorite was I’ve Got the World on a String, his opening piece. It was a very relaxing Sunday afternoon. And then Monday came, and I felt like I was running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. In my academics, I have my first Paideia paper due Friday, along with French and Calculus quizzes. I know I’m going to be clocking many hours at my desk (hopefully more under a tree sitting on a blanket) and a few at the math tutoring center, but I’m working hard so all goes well. The fun, easy times of introduction and orientation are over. I have to show I’m actually learning something at school! A few frustrating schedule changes occurred also. I now have cello sectionals during my work study in the CAF! I have to change my shift, but between my classes and orchestra, I can’t work during the week anymore, so I’m left to work during lunchtime on Saturday. Oh well, such is life. Until next time, when my Paideia paper will hopefully be written.... -Rachel

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