Back At It!

Hey Guys! I’m back! After a very eventful summer of working and having fun I’m back at Luther gearing up for sophomore year. I spent my summer working at a YMCA camp in Wisconsin, so I was not home much but it was still a great time. But all summer, heading back to Luther was on my mind because I really did miss it a lot.

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Mario Martinucci and I am a sophomore here at Luther College. I blogged last year about my freshman year and I am going to blog this year too. I come from White Bear Lake, Minnesota and am a declared Management Major.

So I’ve been here for about 3 weeks now and it has been a blast. I spent most of my time as catching up with friends and just hanging out with people, which has been a lot of fun. It is awesome living in the towers (sophomore and junior dorms) because everyone is either floors or a building apart, but everything is connected. So I don’t have to hike to Olson in a snowstorm anymore to see my friends. But it is a little weird being on campus and not being a freshman anymore. I see all these new faces and it is interesting seeing people in the shoes I was in last year. It’s a nice feeling to have knowing that you don’t have to get readjusted to a lifestyle again. Looking back on freshman year it was such a big change from living at home to living at college that sometimes it got really overwhelming. But so far this year, it’s been going good.

On campus there are a lot of changes that were made. A lot of landscaping has been done and the cafeteria got completely remodeled! I am still adjusting to the changes in the caf but it does look nice. Campus is looking great as usual. My classes this semester are interesting. I am finally starting to dig into my major, so I have a lot of business-type classes, which is pretty nice. However, they are all in Olin, which is nice, but I do like some variety. I suppose I should get used to it because that’s where the business department is.

Another perk of being a sophomore is no paideia! As much as I was supposed to gain value out of that class, it still was a pain to go to. But it’s over now so I can’t complain too much. I suppose it’s a sort of ritual that you go through because everyone has to take it. Sundays are my homework day so it’s back to the weekly grind, I’m just happy I don’t have a paideia paper or book to read for tomorrow. Until next week, Mario

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