September 10, 2010

My first week here at Luther, I fit in to the Luther College Class of 2014. I had yet to join any clubs, sports or music groups. I was simply, though proudly, identified as a student. Well, in one short week that has changed. I am now officially a member of the Luther College Symphony Orchestra, and couldn’t be happier about finding a niche, a place where only a cellist could fit. A summer of practice boiled down to a three minute audition which will lead me to Christmas at Luther and then, the big kahuna, a residency in Vienna for January-term, a tour the orchestra holds every four years. For a non-music major, I’m going to be very busy with music. Rehearsal three times a week, a private lesson for piano (my main instrument) and enough practice to be a class by itself will be intense, but hopefully never considered ‘work.’ Relaxation time will be scarce in preparation for Vienna, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun and unquestionably worth it. There’s a reason musicians “play” instruments.
    Another identity I have taken on is Cafeteria (CAF) dish washer. Donning a Norse baseball cap, a blue uniform shirt and some super-stylish shoe grips, I clean during the Wednesday dinner shift. This is extremely dull work, with harsh sounds of clinking dishes, and the occasional clash of falling cutlery. However, my weekly shift in the steamy dish room will help me get to Vienna just as much as my time in the practice room. The Vienna residency carries a hefty price tag, and, as for any college student, the more money the better!
    Of course, through all this, my classes relentlessly continue. Daily Calculus, Paideia and French homework with a Fitness and Wellness lecture thrown in keep my nose in the books. Studying is never a chore when you can work in the sunshine though, and I’m soaking up all I can get. I’ve heard the winters are tough here, and being from Washington, I’m a little timid. I have multiple coats, hats and pairs of gloves ready and waiting in my closet, and I have a feeling they will be used soon....... Oh well, maybe I’ll just take on the identity of a snowman.

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