2.5 weeks left...really?

Hey Guys! Happy May! All through April, it was hard to believe that school was coming to an end, but now that it’s May…I only have two and a half weeks left on campus. This is CRAZY! The year completely flew by, and so much has happened, but I would probably not change anything about it.

This past week we started a draft for the FINAL Paideia paper. It’s a big sigh of relief to think that I only have one left. I was thinking back on how I have changed as a writer and thinker due to my experiences in Paideia. I look at things from a different point of view and it’s kind of neat to see how I’ve grown as a person. But don’t get me wrong; I can’t wait to be done with Paideia.

Registration for fall classes just finished up, and room draw is approaching. A bunch of guys that I hang out with decided to group up and apply for a cluster (12 guys or girls, so 6 rooms) in Dieseth. To our surprise, we were the only group of guys that applied for one; so we got first pick on floors. So next year I am on 7th floor in Dieseth. I am beyond pumped to move to the towers and live with my close friends. The towers are pretty cool because everyone is closer together by either floors, or Brunsdale (The Lounge connecting Miller and Dieseth) so it’s just a short walk to go visit a friend (rather than walking across campus to Olson or Brandt) I am also looking forward to the classes that I am taking next year. I am really starting to dig into my major (Business), which gets me thinking about what I want to do after I graduate. I definitely will have to check out the resources at the Career Center to get more information about potential career paths with a business major. It’s going to be a quick two and a half weeks, and I am definitely sad to leave for the summer but I am going to make the most fun out of these last two and a half weeks and I definitely can’t wait for summer.

I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather, because I sure am!

Peace, Mario

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