Distance and Taco Bell

Hey guys! I had the chance to go home this past weekend, and it was a really needed. I usually don’t like to go home because I feel like I get behind on my homework and don’t really focus on school (which is pretty much true) but I wanted to go home and just get off campus (as much as I love Luther…sometimes you need a break) for a while and eat some home cooked food. So I went home on Friday and came back on Sunday. It was a nice time to be home and spend some time with my family and catch up on sleep. I think I slept at least 12 hours on both Friday and Saturday, which is a lot compared to the 5-6 hours I get during the week. I was also lucky because a few friends from high school also went home which gave me the opportunity to catch up and spend some time with them, which is always a good time.

So I’ll take this opportunity to talk about Luther’s distance from things. Luther is approximately two and a half hours away from my house, an hour and fifteen minutes away from the Taco Bell in Rochester, and an hour away from the Taco Bell in La Crosse (can you tell my friends and I like Taco Bell?) There have been numerous nights where my friends and I decide to call it a night and drive out to Taco Bell because we just miss it that much. But anyways, my point is that Luther is the perfect distance for me. I am able to pick up my things and go home for the weekend if I wanted to which was something I could not exactly do if I went to other schools that I was looking at like Wyoming or Montana. It’s also a perfect distance away from Rochester and La Crosse or “civilization” as some like to call it. If you want to you can go on a quick trip to go out to eat or shop with some friends on a Saturday. By living in Decorah you start to realize that living here actually helps you save money. I used to spend a lot of money on going out to eat and buying stuff I didn’t need and now every time I go home, I realize that I don’t really need anything, which helps me from losing my hard earned cash.

This is just one of my random thoughts for the evening. My brain is pretty fried due to all this reading I have for Paideia.

Until next week, Mario

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