Making the final decision

Hey Guys, This past weekend Ingrid Michaelson, Augustana, and Stephen Speaks were at Luther! I was a little hesitant at first to go to the concert because this type of music is not generally my style. However, once we got there we had a blast. Ingrid Michaelson really knows how to put on a show. She was very down to earth and interacted with the crowd a lot. Augustana was pretty good as well.

This upcoming week is filled with more homework and tests (surprised?). The school year is getting to that point where I am slowly losing motivation to do homework and I just want to spend all of my free time outside enjoying the warm weather. We’ve had a couple days that were perfect for going boating (a favorite activity of mine at home) or just lounging on the dock. I can’t wait to get home and experience some of that. As the semester is slowly coming to an end, teachers are piling on more tests and papers. I have ONE final paper left in Paideia because I just handed in my final version of my Paideia research paper (the one I have dreaded all year) I feel somewhat accomplished for finishing this big paper and when I look back on it, the paper was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I could do it again…if I had to.

Today is a “Junior Preview Day” on campus…which means there are tons of high school kids on campus checking out Luther. Seeing so many people on campus reminded me of when I took tours of tons of different schools back in high school. I am pretty sure I spent at least a month of my time checking out different schools trying to see where I fit best. I found that getting on campus and immersing yourself into the community is the best way to see if you will fit in. Spend a night on campus, visit multiple times and don’t be afraid to ask questions. You will find your niche at a school and you will be completely happy with your choice…hopefully. I know it’s a little late to give advice for most of you seniors since you have already made your decision, but to you younger people reading…it’s never too early to start looking at colleges. Believe me I thought I was too young when my dad had me looking during freshman year but it really did help me out in the long run. Remember seniors it’s not too late to spend a night on campus and check Luther out.

Have a great week, Mario

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