6 Weeks Left!

Hey guys! I just got back from a relaxing Easter break at home. It was nice to catch up with some friends and spend time with my family. I even got to have home-cooked meals (something I have not had in forever) they were so good. However, even by the 3rd day of being home, that feeling of going back to Luther comes to mind and I quickly want to rush back to good ole Decorah. Now that I am back at Luther, the countdowns until summer have begun. I can’t believe it but there is only 6 weeks left of school. That seems like such a small number to me. This year has completely flown by and I can’t even start to think about how much fun summer is going to be. I am currently waiting to hear back from a Summer Camp Director about summer employment so hopefully I get hired!

Later this week I will be getting my research paper back when I meet with my Paideia Prof. I have a feeling I did fairly well on it, but you never know I guess. After I get my draft back I have to use all the suggestions that my Professor gives me and create another draft within a week. It’s going to be a lot of work, but I think the final product will be good. Other than that this week is filled with papers and tests (the norm) so I will be spending a lot of time preparing those. May 1st is coming up, and I know most seniors are narrowing down their decisions. I hope the process comes easy for you and you follow where your best instinct is (chances are it will be the right fit for you).

Well, I should get going.

Peace, Mario

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