Living in the library

Hey guys, I had another crazy and busy week. I spent majority of my time in the library trying to find research for my research paper that’s due in 3 weeks. I’m freaking out a bit. I feel a little behind so I definitely need to step it up this week. The weather throughout the entire week has been very nice. It’s been sunny everyday, and some of the snow is melting so spring is almost here…finally. Warm weather reminds me of spring break…and then spring break reminds me of summer. It's hard to focus on school when the weather outside is so nice and you just want to be out there instead of in the library. Things on campus have been pretty low key lately. The freshman are just trying to make it through this research paper, we all appear to be living in the library. My parents came down this Sunday to say hi and bring some things from home for me. That’s another thing about Luther that I like. It’s a small enough distance away from my home (3 hours roughly) that my parents can come down for the day and say hi. However it’s far enough away that I feel like I’m definitely away from home, which is what I looked for in a school during my search. It was nice to see them, get some non-caf food and have them bring me to Wal-Mart for stuff that I didn’t have to pay for! Roommate stuff for next year is coming up. People are making pairs and finding groups of people to live with for next year. I have the lovely option of living in Miller or Dieseth (The Towers) for sophomore year. Each dorm has 8 floors, and they are connected so whichever one I end up in will work for me. That’s about all I have for this week. Until this research paper is done and turned in I don’t think my life will be very interesting. Until next time, Mario

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