J-term craziness

Hey Readers! Holy crap. J-term has flied! I can’t believe I only have a week and a half left in this class. It really goes by quick when you think about it. I have class everyday from 11-12 and then I have class from 1:30-3. It feels like the class lasts all day long…when it’s really only 2.5 hours. I definitely have more free time, but it does not feel like it. I guess I’m spending too much time having fun. The class that I am taking is definitely not what I expected. It’s called Kaboom! And I thought it was going to be about experimenting with different explosions everyday...but all we have done so far is research about different explosions. But I guess that’s what happens in some j-term classes. The teacher said it was a seminar so the students do majority of leading the class. On Friday, the Wellness program hosted an Olympic event that I went to. It was fun there was free food and games to play at Regents. I spent majority of my evening diving after the volleyball and I have some pretty intense battle wounds…some resulting in skin loss. This past weekend I went up to the Twin Cities to go to Mall of America with some of my friends. We crammed 5 of us in a small car and headed up. It was nice to get off campus for a bit and we just relaxed and didn’t have to worry about homework or anything. We got back late last night so of course I had to do all my homework. Well class is about to start so I better get going. I’ll update once more this week to make up for my lack of entries over break/beginning of J-term. Mario

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