Busy Week Ahead

Hey guys, I had the opportunity to go to my second semester Paideia teacher's house on Saturday with some of my classmates. We had a pork and bean dish called feijoada -- it was really good. At the prof's house we were talking about how we had heard that a lot of students had the opportunity to go to their professors houses for lunch or dinner…but we didn’t think it actually happened. It really brings the relationship with your teachers to a new level.

All weekend it has been snowing on campus…so it’s really starting to feel like Christmas time around here. I went to the Christmas at Luther show on Friday. It was pretty good. I didn’t realize how much talent we had at Luther. And of course, since we were in a blizzard warning last night I decided to go sledding with some friends. It didn’t really work out because there wasn’t enough snow but everyone was pretty excited to be outside and take a break from “studying”.

My birthday is coming up on Saturday. So my friends and I might go on a lil road trip to Rochester or back up to the Cities for some fun at the Mall of America. Who knows what we will end up doing. But it kind of stinks because my birthday lies right before finals begin. It's going to be a stressful week ahead of me so hopefully I get through it.

Later, Mario

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