Hey Readers, Thanksgiving break was great. I got to see many family members and got reacquainted with a lot of my high school friends. It was really nice to have real home-cooked food for a change. The caf food was getting pretty old. I spent the majority of my time sleeping and working on my paideia paper, plus any other homework that I had to do over break.

We have only had two breaks so far, but I have noticed something each time. I always look forward to going home and relaxing on break. But after a couple days of being home and being sheltered under my parents…I want to go back to Luther in a heartbeat. It’s such an odd feeling to go home. You go from having total freedom, doing anything you want, and not having anyone question you about anything…to having parents ask you a million questions about college, roommates, friends and grades. It really got to me over this break. By the time Friday hit I was ready to go back to Luther and see all my friends and just get away from being so constricted. It's weird to think about, but Luther is basically my home for the next four years. I love it here and never think about going back home. But of course, give it some time and I will be anxious to get out of here again.

But I am back at Luther now which basically feels like my new home. I got to see all of my college friends and we just chilled out and watched a movie and talked about how our breaks were. We were all ready to get back…but were not ready for what’s about to hit us. Finals are about to come up and it’s about to get really stressful. Time for bed…class @ 9:15 ahh! I haven’t woken up that early since before break. It’s gonna hit me hard.


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