Almost Thanksgiivng!

Hey Guys! It has been a horribly busy week. There have been lots of papers and tests to get done all week. All I am waiting for is Tuesday at around 11 when I get to start driving home for Thanksgiving Break! It’s going to be really nice to see all my friends from home. Some of them I have not seen since we departed in August. It’s going to be crazy to share the new memories we have and hopefully our friendships still last throughout my college experience.

Christmas at Luther is coming up so everyone is putting in a lot of practice time. I have never been to a show before but I have tickets. I heard it’s an excellent show so I’m really looking forward to that. On another side note… IT NEEDS TO SNOW!!!! The college has begun to decorate for Christmas, but there is no snow!! Hopefully when I come back from break, the campus will be covered!

I registered for classes this past week for J-term and Spring Semester (For those of you that don’t know, all first years are required to stay on campus for J-term). The only thing that stinks about it is that freshmen register last unless you bring in a ton of college credits from high school. I got most of the classes I wanted so I’m really looking forward to Spring Semester as well. My J-term class sounds really interesting. The class is called Kaboom. And apparently you blow stuff up. It sounds fun.

Well I’m sure I’ll be updating from home so until then Happy Early Thanksgiving!


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