Halloween Fun

Happy Belated Halloween! What a crazy week it’s been on campus. It feels like some days last forever. My week was filled with tons of homework and tests to study for! The Paideia sections began reading Martin Luther this past week and every time I read anything Luther writes it goes completely over my head (which probably isn’t good due to the paper I have due in a week). However, even though I don’t understand a thing he is saying, I have been able to talk to my classmates and some of the tutors to better understand the readings. One nice thing that Luther offers is tutoring.  A lot of my friends and I have signed up for tutors and they really do help. Even if you’re doing fine in a class, many of my friends got a tutor just to maintain their grades and have support if the class becomes tough. Every one is willing to help in any way possible and it’s really a nice feeling to know that you have a support system.

Halloween weekend was very fun, but also pretty busy for myself. On Friday, I hung out over in Olson (dorm across campus) and played video games. My friend and I managed to beat Ultimate Alliance 2, in one evening…can you tell we live awesome lives? On Saturday, most of my friends were participating in sporting events so I was able to cheer them on. The Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Team did awesome at the Conference race so congrats to them! Saturday evening (Halloween) was pretty intense. There are a lot of creative minds here at Luther…the costumes were hilarious and well planned out. My friends and I began our evening at the Zombie Prom where we danced and ate food for a bit. We then made our way out to a country club to a party sponsored by a fraternity. There was a costume contest and a dance. It was a lot of fun, and there were a ton of people there. My Sunday was spent in the library doing hours of homework and reading. With only 5 weeks left in the semester it’s time to buckle down and keep the hard work up. It’s no shave November, which means the guys on my floor are all growing their facial hair out. It will be interesting to see how that turns out. I, however, am not participating because I can’t stand my facial hair, so I will be shaving every day ☺. I hope everyone had a great Halloween and I am counting down the days until some Turkey, Gravy, Potatoes and PUMPKIN PIE!

Have a great week!


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