Short Week!

Hey guys! It rained practically every day last week (At Luther and Home). It was really putting a damper on everyone until my friends and I had the brilliant idea to go mud sliding outside the library lawn. That was possibly one of the most fun things I have done ever (even if my feet went numb and I was covered in mud) We even had people come join us about ten minutes in. I attached a picture that one of my friends took. Last week was probably the shortest week that I’ll ever have here at Luther. I got back on Wednesday evening, had no classes on Thursday, and then went to my three classes on Friday. Then weekend where I spent majority of my time studying for my Spanish test, which was basically a midterm because I only have two tests in that class, the one I took this morning, and the final (in December). I think it went well. On Friday evening, there was a Breast Cancer rave in the Dieseth and Miller (Upperclassmen Dorms “The Towers”) lounge that joins them together. That was a lot of fun. We got to play root beer pong, and they had mock tails. It was a good way to support Breast Cancer and have fun on a Friday. Saturday there was salsa dancing in Marty’s (a social hang out downstairs in the Union) and Brandt (a freshman dorm) was hosting a toga party. My friend and I stopped by for a bit and felt it out. But the fire alarms went off and it was raining so we quickly found shelter somewhere else. It was pretty low key because one of my friends recently broke his ankle so he is still in crutches. He can't really move around so we just hung out on campus. I’m really looking forward to Halloween. My friend and I might dress up as Luigi and Mario (him being Mario and me being Luigi). We think it will be funny! (And we both kind of need costumes) Hopefully it will turn out good! Until Next Time, Mario

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