Hey guys!! What a surprising little gift we had this morning! The forecast said snow, but I didn’t think it was going to actually happen!! I knew Minnesota got some snow on Saturday/Sunday but Decorah didn’t get any until today! So I had to break out my winter jacket about 2 months early…no big deal. Midterms are this week and I am in over my head. I have no clue what to study, I’m not even sure if I have midterms in some of my classes (some of my teachers have not talked about them) .The midterm that I am most scared of is Paideia. I’m not even sure what to study or how to review for something. Hopefully I get some answers soon! This past week was very busy, on top of all the homework and tests I am very sleep deprived. However, on a good note some of my friends and I started a prank war…just small, harmless, fun pranks…right? That seems to not be the case…we will see how it goes in the next couple of weeks maybe I’ll even take some pictures of some of the pranks we do. As for Fall Break….I can’t freaking wait for it. I want to go home, and have some Bdubbs(Buffalo Wild Wings for all you non-Minnesotans) and Chipotle. Those two are my favorite and I have been hearing all the freshman talk about it for quite some time now. Until next time everyone! Mario

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