A new place to call home.

Hey Everybody! Earlier today when I was looking at my calendar I realized that I have already been here for a month! Wow! How time flies. It finally is beginning to feel like home instead of summer camp.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go visit Des Moines with one of my friends from Luther. We went to her high school homecoming football game, and I got a personal tour of the city! Des Moines is a cool town, but I still missed being on Luther’s campus. It seems to be just the perfect size. It’s big enough to feel like you can get away for a couple hours, but it’s small enough where it’s not a mile walk just to get to one class! Each day it’s becoming my home more and more. Being off campus for less than 24 hours felt so weird to us. People would come up to us and ask us how we liked school and every time, we told them that Luther is amazing. My friend was saying that she has not met a single person at Luther who does not want to be there. And when I come to think about it…neither have I. Every single person that I have met LOVES it here, whether it is because of the music program, the athletics, the campus, Decorah (yes it can be pretty hoppin) or just hanging out with some friends. Every person has a place to fit in and become a part of the Luther community, which feels awesome!!

I think that’s why even being off campus for such a short time fazed my friend and I. It is common that you will hear students refer to their dorms as home. The sense of belonging really helps create a positive college experience for me. I encourage anyone to come visit campus, and see what it’s all about. I kid you not every single person here has something positive to say about Luther. It is truly an amazing place, and I’m still a freshman! I can’t even imagine what crazy kinds of things that I am going to be able to do within the next eight months and the next four years.

To all those seniors preparing for the college apps, get on campus, see what it’s like and try to picture yourself being on campus for the next couple years! (Whether it be at Luther or any other school.) Doing that truly helped me with my decision making process!!

Have a great week!


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