Catching Up

Hello Readers! What an exciting busy week it has been! I’m fully recovered and back in to the swing of going to all my classes! The week went by slowly but it was definitely filled with fun!

This past weekend was parents weekend, so of course, my parents came down to Decorah! After walking around the campus with my parents and showing them where my classes were, and basically going into every building I realized that I am so happy with my decision to come to Luther College. My older brother went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison for his undergrad, and he had a blast. But after visiting so many times over so many years, I realized that a big school is not for me. The classes are huge, the amount of attention that you would get is minimal, and and the whole atmosphere is completely different than Luther’s. I am very fortunate to have teachers help me get caught up in my classes when I was sick for practically a week. Not only did they help me get caught up, but they were supportive and were willing help me set up tutors if I needed them to. It was really a great feeling to know that I have my professors here to help me out incase I'm struggling.That is definitely something that my older brother would have not received at Madison, and my dad actually commented on how great it was!The small school atmosphere is completely what I’m looking for. I’m starting to build a community with my floor mates and creating new friendships that will hopefully last for years to come.

But to continue on about Parents’ Weekend, my family came down and it was very nice to see them (even if I just saw them about a week ago!) I got to show them all the unique and cool shops around Decorah, and they almost bought some amish furniture! That evening we went out to dinner, to get some real food and then headed to the concert in which basically every musical group on campus was performing! It was really nice to hear them, they did an awesome job!

Sunday has been a busy day, because the freshman have their first Paideia paper due tomorrow. It’s going to be interesting to see how mine turns out, but hopefully it will be good!

Feel free to add me on facebook, or ask me any questions on here if you have any! I’m always open to chat!



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