Hey all!

What a crazy week it has been! I had some crazy experiences during my second week at school. To begin, on monday, I was diagnosed with the influenza. Which either meant that a) I could stay in my room for a couple days, while every one around me was having fun and I would have to be cooped up in my tiny dorm room or b) go home, get rest, sleep and some home cooked meals. So I gladly chose option b thanks to my parents because they had to come pick me up.

Missing school in general stinks...but missing the second week of classes in college really stinks. I had to contact all my teachers and explain to them why I would be missing classes and how they wanted me to make up the material that I was missing. They were all pretty understanding, and told me to feel better and have a quick return back to Luther (I was hoping for this too). I didn’t even want to think about how much Paideia (the required freshman english class that almost everyone dislikes) homework I would have, or not to even mention the Calc homework/lessons that I missed. 

I returned to campus thursday evening and I was already extremely overwhelmed. All the homework assignments that I missed had to be made up and I had to manage my schedule to find time to do it all this weekend. It was so tough to do so because every one seemed to be doing something fun that called me out of my room and caused me to stop doing my homework. But I’m slowly catching up and I am feeling pretty confident going into this week which is good. 

Word of advice to all: wash your hands, don’t share anything and stay healthy this fall! It stinks getting sick!

Until next time readers!


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