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Undergraduate Research

Admissions at Luther College.

At Luther, we understand that textbooks and lectures can take you only so far—the most powerful learning happens when you get your hands dirty. Whether that involves performing open-heart surgery on a rat, self-producing a student stage performance, or paging through stacks of old newspapers in search of the article that will prove your thesis, engaging in research allows you to delve more deeply into your discipline.

Research opportunities at Luther are everywhere. They can involve laboratory-based experiments in the sciences; fieldwork in the social sciences and humanities; production and performance in music, theatre, and the visual arts; and academic projects across all disciplines. All students complete a senior project based on individual research in their major field. Most students also engage in some sort of course-based, faculty-directed, or independent research.

All Luther faculty members conduct research in their fields of expertise and involve students in that work, helping them to hone their research skills, focus their areas of interest, and earn professional credentials. Luther offers several programs that provide special opportunities for student research support, funding for travel to conferences to present research, and collaborative research with faculty:

Academic Administrative Assistantships
These assistantships allow students to do research and develop professional skills in their major field of study in paid work positions during the academic year or over the summer.

Honors Grants
The Honors Advisory Committee offers grants to juniors and seniors who undertake independent research or creative projects. Students with 3.0 GPAs in their majors may apply for grants to cover research expenses, as well as travel costs for presenting research at conferences.

Summer Faculty/Student Collaborative Research Grants
These grants provide free lodging and a two-month stipend to students who spend the summer working on a joint research project with a Luther faculty member.