2014 Deposited Student Guidebook

Each winter, the Luther College Admissions Office produces the Deposited Student Guidebook, which has proven to be a valuable resource for incoming first-year students. The guidebook is divided into 10 sections, with information about registration and orientation, residence life, dining services, local cell phone providers, etc.

We have discovered over the years that this guidebook can be as useful to accepted students still making their college decision as it is to those who have already decided to attend Luther. We have also learned this information can be extremely valuable to parents, so make sure to share it.

Please note: International students will be receiving their own pre-arrival guide later this spring or summer. If you are an international student, please feel free to read the information covered in the Deposited Student Guidebook, but be aware some of the information will not apply to you.


      1.  Introducing Luther

                 a.  Greetings from the President

                 b.  Important Dates and Deadlines

                 c.  2014-15 Academic Calendar

                 d.  Campus Map

                 e.  Directory of Correspondence

      2.  Financial Aid & Student Employment

                 a.  A Message from the Director of Financial Aid

                 b.  Financing Your Luther Education

                 c.  A Message from the Coordinator of Student Employment

                 d.  Information on Required Student Employment Paperwork

                 e.  State of Iowa W4 Form

      3.  Financial Services & Student Accounts

                 a.  A Message from the Office of Financial Services

                 b.  Office for Financial Services: Frequently Asked Questions

                 c.  NordiCash

                 d.  Costs and Payment Options

                 e.  Monthly Payment Plan Worksheet & Agreement

                 f.   Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Application

                 g.  Work Credit Plan Application & Agreement

                 h.  Co-Curricular Activities Fee Information

      4.  Residence Life & Dining Services

                 a.  A Message from the Director of Residence Life

                 b.  Living on Campus

                 c.  First-year Residence Halls

                 d.  Residence Life: Frequently Asked Questions

                 e.  Dining Services

                 f.  Book Shop

      5.  Academic Life

                 a.  A Message from the Academic Dean

                 b.  About Academics

                 c.  A Message from the Paideia Leadership

                 d.  Paideia: Frequently Asked Questions

                 e.  About the Honors Program

                 f.  A Message from the Student Academic Support Center

                 g.  Academic Support: Frequently Asked Questions

                 h.  A Message from the Center for Global Learning

                 i.  Study Abroad

      6.  Student Life, Activities, & Careers

                 a.  A Message from the Vice President and Dean for Student Life

                 b.  Student Life Dept., Policies, Safety, and Related Information

                 c.  Four-Year Career Development Guide

                 d.  Campus Life and Activities

                 e.  Music

                 f.  Intercollegiate Athletics

      7.  Health & Wellness

                 a.  A Message from the Wellness Director

                 b.  What is Wellness?

                 c.  A Message from the Medical Director

                 d.  About the Health Service

                 e.  A Message from the Director of Counseling

                 f.  Counseling Service Information

      8.  Library & Computer Resources

                 a.  A Message from the Executive Director of Library and Information Services

                 b.  Guide to Library and Information Services for New Students

                 c.  Registration Information

                 d.  Norse Mail and Norse Apps

                 e.  Document and Mail Center User's Guide

      9.  Registration & Orientation

                 a.  A Message from the Registrar

                 b.  Registration

                 c.  Registration Checklist

                 d.  May Registration, Orientation and Advising Day (ROAD)

                 e.  June Registration, Orientation and Advising Day (ROAD)

                 f.  Phone Registration

                 g.  Admission to Luther with Prior College Level Credit

                 h.  Assistant Dean for Student Life Message and Orientation Preview

      10.  Decorah

                 a.  Things to Do in Decorah

                 b.  Getting Around Town: Frequently Asked Questions

                 c.  Map of Decorah