Curriculum - Intersections: Seeking the Common Good

"Intersections: Seeking the Common Good"—that's the organizing theme and name of the Scholars program curriculum at Luther. The program offers an exciting series of seminars and colloquia that focus on the great ideas, issues, and challenges of the human quest. Building on Luther’s signature Paideia program, it provides a linked series of courses that bridge initial inquiry into “enduring questions” (in Paideia 111/112) and interdisciplinary study focused on ethical decision-making (in Paideia 450).

The Intersections curriculum emphasizes historical and cross-disciplinary inquiry into classic questions and texts and an approach to liberal arts learning that emphasizes the value of “intersections”—of people, cultures, approaches, methods. The specific topics examined in any given seminar or colloquium will vary, depending on the expertise and interests of the professor teaching the course. Yet all involve a multidisciplinary approach, focused on the intersections of knowledge, inquiry, and action, and high expectations for student engagement. Individual seminars also may fulfill all-college requirements for graduation.

At Luther, all students are eligible to apply to participate in the program, and it's flexible enough to allow students to enroll as best fits their needs and interests. Students may enroll in just one course, or complete a full series of seminars, colloquia, and research. Students who earn a minimum of 16 credits in Intersections, including at least three seminars and at least one research or project-based course/experience, will receive a certificate of Scholars Distinction at graduation.